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PADLEY, Charles Osborn
Charles Osborn Padley, 23, of St. Joseph, Michigan, born in Waterville, New York, a physician, was married on August 23, 1881, at Muskegon to Mary J. McKillip, 22, or Muskegon, born in Traverse City, Michigan – Witnesses to the marriage were:  Geo. H. McKillip of Muskegon and R.H. Mann of Muskgon. (personal note – the McKillip family was an important family in Muskegon)

Information donated by  Tressa LaFayette  


PADLEY, William A.
William A. Padley, 29, of Muskegon, born in New York, a druggist, the son of John H. Padley and Rose M. Osborn, was married  June 4, 1891, at Muskegon, to Marion C. Ashley, 20, of Muskegon, born in Muskegon, a bookkeeper, the daughter of Willard H. Ashley and Olivia A. Graff.  They were married by J.N. Reppey, Minister of the Gospel.  The witnesses were Willard H. Ashley and Olena Ashley

Information donated by  Tressa LaFayette


Muskegon Chronicle, 21 August 1952, page 1
Headlines: Victims of Accidents (Pictures of two boys) Lawrence Harken -Alfred Pearson Two Boys, 13, Die in County Mishaps Two 13-year-old boys lost their lives in outdoor accidents in Muskegon County yesterday afternoon. Lawrence Edward Harken, son of Mr. And Mrs. William Harken, of 1831 Franklin street, Muskegon Township, was killed when a rifle he had been carrying accidentally discharged as he stumbled and fell. Alfred Pearson, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pearson of 5887 White road, Wolf Lake, drowned when he toppled from a boat from which he had been fishing in the North Bay at Wolf Lake. The Harken tragedy involved a .22 caliber rifle which had been dismantled three months ago and since had been in imperfect working condition. Lawrence and his cousin, Ronald Maschke, 12 years old, of Chicago, had been walking along Muskegon Lake at the rear of the Stewart Hartshorn Company plant. At about 3:30 p.m. Lawrence stumbled and fell and the rifle accidentally went off, the bullet striking him in the face. RONALD had taken a bow and arrow to the lake while Lawrence carried the rifle. Ronald was slightly behind his cousin and frequently Lawrence would look over his right shoulder to make certain Ronald was all right. As he did that the last time, Lawrence stumbled. When he failed to rise, Ronald rushed over and saw blood streaming from his cousin’s face. He tried to stem the flow with a handkerchief, but it was impossible to stop it. When his efforts to stop the blood failed, Ronald ran to the factory. There he met Earl D. Carpenter, a foreman, and Ray Herder, a toolmaker. Police and an ambulance were summoned and the two men went with Ronald to the place were Lawrence fell. By the time Lt. Arthur Zillah of the Muskegon police department arrived, Lawrence was dead. THE TRIGGER mechanism of the rifle had been removed and the pin which holds the barrel to the stock was lost. It was fired by holding the barrel in the hands, pulling back on the firing pin and then releasing it to strike the bullet. Lawrence decided to take the stock along yesterday, pointing out the rifle did not shoot accurately without it. The two boys were in a marshy, isolated spot, seldom visited by fishermen who frequent that area. To reach the boy, it was necessary for volunteers to wear boots borrowed from the Muskegon Fire Department. LAWRENCE was born in Muskegon Dec. 1, 1938. He would have entered 9th grade at Muskegon Central Junior High School next month. He was a member of Olivet Evangelical Sunday School. Surviving are his parents; a brother, Richard; A sister, Barbara; his grandfather, Edward Harken of Muskegon. He was a nephew of Charles Harken, veteran member of the sheriff’s department. FALLING from a rowboat from which he was fishing, Alfred Pearson, Jr., drowned in North Bay of Wolf Lake at about 2:15 p.m. The body was recovered about 3:40 p.m. through dragging operations. Yesterday’s was the second drowning tragedy at Wolf Lake in less then two weeks. On Aug. 12 Francis Hill, 17 years old of Rapid City, drowned near the Wolf Lake Amusement Park while swimming. Alfred, who would have been 13 years old next Tuesday, was fishing from the bow of a boat rowed by William Stoops, 13 years old, of 1123 Bolen road. About 75 feet off shore Alfred suddenly fell forward into the water. “I was dropping the anchor when he fell” the Stoops boy said. “I grabbed for him, but missed, I stuck out an oar which he grabbed but he could not hold on. I think he had a cramp.” Neither boy could swim. JOHN CARPENTER, 13, of 576 Amity avenue, Muskegon, who was alone in a boat nearby, rowed to shore and phoned the Egelston Fire Department. Tony and Rosemarie Paulik, of Wolf Lake, took the Carpenter boat, and, fully dressed, dove several times in an effort to rescue the Pearson boy. Tony is 15, his sister, 13. John Flickema,  Egelston fire chief, also dove several; times. Dragging operations were carried on by Egelston and Norton firemen, sheriff’s department men, Muskegon and North Muskegon police and volunteers. The Coast Guard loaned drags. The body was located at about the spot where the accident occurred. Water is about 10 feet deep, but the bottom is weedy and muck. THE DROWNED boy’s father was called from his work at the Muskegon Aluminum Foundry and took part in the search. He had returned to work only 2 days ago after a long illness. The distraught mother was cared for at the nearby home of Mr. And Mrs. Kenneth Erickson. The tragedy attracted many people including youngsters at the county 4-H exposition a half mile away. The Pearsons had moved from Muskegon to Wolf Lake only a month ago. Alfred junior was the oldest of four children. Alfred was born in Muskegon, Aug. 26, 1939, and had been a resident of Western Michigan all his life. He had completed 7th grade at the Dangl School and was a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. A former Boy Scout, he had rejoined that organization just a week ago. Surviving besides his parents are two brothers, Robert and Edwin, and a sister, Karen, all at home; his grandparents, Mr. And Mrs. Alvin Pearson and Carl West, all of Muskegon, and a great-grandfather, August Erkman of Escanaba.

Information donated by Bob Nordstrand


Will Of Mrs. Peck
Daily Chronicle  January 5, 1900  
Filed in the Probate Court Subject to Four Codicils.

        The will of the late Mrs. Sarah Sophia Peck has been filed in the probate court by attorney J.C. McLaughlin.  To it are attached four codicils which materially change the number, nature and amount of the original bequest.  The original bill was made July 18, 1891, and witnessed by Katie E. Delanty and J. C. McLaughlin.  The four codicils were made April 11, 1894, June 22, 1985, March 9 and March 25, 1898.

            In the original will Mrs. Peck made money bequests of $6,000 but later nullified these and made new money bequest amounting to $600.  The will, subject to the our codicils; makes the following money bequests: John A. Peck, Philander Peck, Frank Peck and Whitfield H. Peck $100 each; Mrs. Minnie M. Peck $200.

            The sum of $100 in $50 note is bequeathed to be equally divided between home and foreign missions and is place in the hand of Rev. Archibald Hadden.

            Mrs. Mary F. Morris and Attorney J. C. McLaughlin are made executors of the will and the following names as residuary legate's: Charles H. Fitch, Charles Munday, Mrs. Jan F. Hall, Miss Julia Clark, Mrs. Annie E. Crofoot, Mrs. Mary F. Morris and Mrs. L C. F. Williams.

            Mr. Fitch, Mrs. Crofoot, Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Williams are to receive each two-elevenths of the estate and the others one­eleventh.

            A very large amount of personal property, nearly all household goods  is divided among the following person, each article being specifically named: Charles H. Fitch, Brooklyn, (nephew), Charles Mundy, (son of niece), Mrs. Jane F. Hall, (West Bloomfield, N.Y.), Miss Julia Clark (West Bloomfield), Mrs. Annie E. Crofoot, (Pontiac), Mrs Mary F. Morris, Mrs L.C.F. Williams (Brooklyn), Charlotte E. Peck, Minnie M Peck, (son's widow), Philander A. Peck, (Greenville), Frank Peck, (Greenville), John Peck (Quaker Farms, Oxford, Conn.), Mary Peck (Greenville), Myrta Peck (Greenville, Samuel Peck (Greenville), Mrs. Frank Peck, Mrs. Philander Peck, Mrs. Gene Peck (Oxford, Conn), Emily Peck, Edward Peck, Willie Peck, Mrs. Hannah Barney, R. R. Payne, Mrs. Ella Barney, Mrs. Oliver Chapin (East Bloomfiled, N. Y.), Miss Emma Murphy, city; J. B. Murphy, Mrs. J. B. Murphy, Mrs. Margaret Evans, Mary Crofoot, (niece, Pontiac), Mrs. S. R. Sanford, Nellie Sanford, Elizabeth C. Crofoot (Pontiac).

            He leaves, besides his wife, six children, Joseph Marcotte, Jr., and Desire Marcotte of Holland, Mich., Oswald Marcotte of Holland, Mich., Mrs. Arthur Christian of Pentwater, Michigan, Mrs. George Bowen and Mrs. Elmer Nelson of this city; twenty-four grand children; three brothers in Canada.

            The funeral service will be held at 8:30 o'clock Saturday morning at St. Jean's Catholic church.  Rev. Fr. Joseph Poulin officiating. Burial will be in St. Mary's cemetery.            

(Joseph & his wife are buried at St. Mary's Cemetery lot # 3-12-5

Submitted by Jane Gates


Pekarik, Joseph (Mr.)

Muskegon Chronicle, Muskegon, Michigan Sunday September 16, 2001 page 7D

Denver, CO formerly of White Cloud - Joseph Pekarik, age 88, passed away August 24, 2001.  Visitation: Monday, 6-8pm. Rosary Services:  Monday, 7pm.  Funeral Mass:  Tuesday, 11am at St Joseph Catholic Church in White Cloud

Information donated by  Anita Pugh 


PEPPLER, Mrs. Julius
May 31, 1921 – Mrs. Julius Peppler aged 85 years died at 2:30 o’clock Tuesday morning at the home of her daughter Mrs. Jacob Oosting, 178 Pine street.  She was born in Germany July 28, 1835, and came to America in 1862, residing in Muskegon for 53 years.  Mr. Peppler died fourteen years ago and since that time Mrs. Peppler has made her home with her daughter Mrs. Oosting.  Mrs. Peppler is survived by three children; Mrs. J. Oosting, Dr. Julius T. Peppler of Rockford, Michigan, Francis C. Peppler of Muskegon and three grand-children.  The funeral will be held at 3:30 Thursday afternoon at the residence of Dr. & Mrs. Jacob Oosting 178 Pine street.  Rev. A. Karreman, pastor of the Second Reformed church will officiate.  Interment will be made in Oakwood cemetery. Information was found in the “People’s Scrapbook” located in the Genealogy Room at Hackley Public Library.

Information donated by Barbara Hill  


The Muskegon Chronicle, Muskegon, Michigan, Monday, August 8, 1966 page 25
Perry, Mr. Leon, 2937 Kooi Rd., Frpt. Twp., The funeral service for Mr. Leon Perry will be held Tuesday afternoon at 3 o’clock at the Lee Funeral Home, the Elder Wm. Farwig officiating.  Mr. Perry will be laid to rest in Sunrise Memorial Gardens.  Friends may call at the Lee Funeral Home.

Information donated by  William & Barbara Hill  


PETTIS, Jeff H. & Melissa Irene, Hart
Birth notice -
a boy, at Lakeshore Community, Muskegon Chronicle,Sept.19,2001,Page 3B.

Information donated by  Joanne Wood  


Obituary of Cora Filer Wood Crotty Phelps, Muskegon Chronicle, 25 Sept 1924, page 8, col. 3
Mrs. John Phelps, died at her home, 28 Sophia street, Wednesday evening after a lingering illness, aged 51 years. Mrs. Phelps was born in Spring Lake in 1873. She leaves besides her husband, two daughters, Mrs. Roy Traves (correct name is Travis) and Mrs. Frank Zeleznik, both of Muskegon and four grandchildren; three sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Anna Plant of Browns Valley, Minn., Mrs. Mary Kanse, Mrs. Lydia Tibbitts, Thomas and Charles Filer, all of Muskegon. Funeral announcement will be given later.

Information donated by Bob Nordstrand


Pierson, Mrs. Erick
Muskegon Chronicle, Muskegon, Michigan 15 March 1911, page 2  An illness of several years ended yesterday afternoon in the death of Mrs. Erick Pierson, 138 Monroe avenue, death occurring while she was in Chicago, where she had gone on account of her poor health.  Heart trouble was the cause of her death.  Mrs. Pierson was 47 years old and was born in Sweden.  She came to America in 1895 with her husband and family, settling in Muskegon and here she has lived ever since.  She has been undergoing treatment for her malady in Chicago hospitals at various times during the past few years.  She leaves besides her husband, five children, all living at home - John, Charles, William, Erick and Svef.  There are also three sisters and four brothers, Mrs. Oscar Swanson of Bay City, Mich., and Miss Alma and Miss Amanda Anderson of Sweden; Gust and Andel Anderson living in Minnesota, and Nels and John Anderson living in Sweden.  The mother, Mrs. Peternella Johnson, is also living in Sweden.  Mrs. Pierson was a member of the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran church for several years.  This evening Mr. Pierson will leave for Chicago, where the funeral and burial of Mrs. Pierson will be held.

Information donated by Bill Moore  


Obituary 1
Muskegon Chronicle Muskegon Michigan
Frank B. Pietkiewicz, 78, of 591 S. Buys, died unexpectedly Monday afternoon at his home. He was employed at Teledyne Continental Motors as an inspector  before retiring in 1967. He was a communicant of St. Mary's Catholic Church  and a member of the Polish Union Arrangements by Pachesny-Jend.

Information donated by Margaret M. Leafe  


Obituary 2
Muskegon Chronicle Muskegon Michigan, Tuesday, January 6, 1976
Pietkiewicz, Mr. Frank B. 591 S. Buys Rd.  Mr. Frank B. Pietkiewicz, age 78, died unexpectedly Monday afternoon at his  residence. He was born on March 6, 1897 in Nashua, New Hampshire, and came to  Muskegon at an early age. Mr. Pietkiewicz married the former Miss Marguerite  Lasser on July 4, 1934 in Muskegon. He was employed by the Teledyne  Continental Motors Corp. in the Army Ordinance Division as an inspector for  about 20 years before retiring in 1967. Mr. Pietkiewicz was a communicant of  St. Mary's Catholic Church and a member of the Polish Union and Carpenters  Local-100 Hall. He is survived by his wife: two sons, Anthony Powel of  Muskegon, Louis Pietkiewicz at home; three daughters, Mrs. Glen  (Theresa)  Schomacher of West Virginia, Mrs. Frank (Karen) Kinsley of Muskegon, and Miss  Kevin Pietkiewicz of Ann Arbor: one brother, Larry Patric of Rosedale,  Calif.; two sisters, Mrs. Dorcey, (Sophie) Abair and Mrs. Frances Krupp both  of Muskegon; and seven grand children. The Funeral Mass for Mr. Pietkiewicz  will begin at 12 o'clock Thursday afternoon at St. Mary's Catholic Church with Rev. (Msgr.) William J.  Hoogterp as celebrant. Interment will be made in St. Mary's Cemetery. The  Rosary will be recited at 7 o'clock Wednesday evening at the Pachesny-Jend  funeral Home. Friends may call at the Funeral home after 7 o'clock this  evening.   Pachesny-Jend

Information donated by Margaret M. Leafe  


Obituary 3
Muskegon Chronicle Muskegon Michigan
Pietkiewicz, Mr. Frank B.   The Funeral Mass for Mr. Pietkiewicz will begin at 12 o'clock Thursday  afternoon at St. Mary's Catholic Church with Rev. Fr. Julian Reginato as  celebrant. Interment will be  made in St. Mary's Cemetery. The Rosary will be  recited at 7 o'clock at the  Pachesny-Jend Funeral home  Pachesny-Jend

Information donated by Margaret M. Leafe  


Obituary Muskegon Chronicle, 7 March 1933, page 2
Elmer Pittman, Veteran of World War, Dies; Was 42 Elmer Pittman, 42 years old, 3277 Thompson street, a World war veteran, died in Mercy hospital yesterday, after a three days illness. He had not been feeling well for several weeks. Mr. Pittman was born in Muskegon, Nov. 7, 1890 and was reared in this community, attending the local public schools. He became a carpenter and at the onset of the war was employed by the government building barracks at Camp Custer. He enlisted and was sent to Florida as a private in Co. E 315th Engineers which went to France. In the Engineers he helped at building bridges during April 1917. He was wounded during the battle of St. Mihiel and spent several months in an army hospital before returning home. He was married to Miss Goldie Senecal of Muskegon, July 12, 1919. Mr. Pittman is survived by his widow: two daughters, Norraine and Maxine: his mother, Mrs. Martha Pittman; and one brother, Edward, all from Muskegon.

Information donated by Bob Nordstrand


Muskegon Chronicle, 25 Feb. 1943, page 22
Mrs. Martha A. Pitman, 80 years old, 2102 Morton avenue, died Wednesday following a long illness. She was born on Dec. 31, 1862 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, coming to this country 60 years ago, settling in Saginaw. She also lived in Grand Rapids, and came to Muskegon in 1890, where she had lived since. Formerly Martha A. Tweedy, she was married to Wilbur Pitman on March, 1886 in Kalamazoo. Mr. Pitman died in September 1932. Mrs. Pitman was a member of the Lakeside Methodist church. Surviving are one son, H. Edward Pitman of Muskegon and two grandchildren.                              

Information donated by Bob Nordstrand


PITMAN, Wilbur
Obituary of Wilbur Pitman, Muskegon Chronicle, 10 Sept. 1932, page 2
WILBUR PITMAN, 75, DIES AT HOME TODAY Wilbur Pitman, 75 years old, died today at his home, 2102 Morton avenue, after a lingering illness. He was born in Canada, March 12, 1857, and settled in Michigan 55 years ago, living for some time at Cadillac and Grand rapids, and the past 42 years in Muskegon. He was married to Martha A Tweedy in March of 1886 at Kalamazoo. Mr. Pitman was formerly employed as sander at the Chase-Hackley Piano company. He was a member of the Lakeside Methodist Episcopal church. Surviving are his widow, Martha; two sons, Edward Pitman, at home, Elmer Pitman, of Muskegon, and two grandchildren.                                                               


Muskegon Chronicle Muskegon Michigan,  1992
Mrs. Anna Polak, age 102, died Wednesday, July 22, 1992. She was born in Poland on May 27, 1890 and came to the United States in 1913. The former Miss Anna Lichota married Joseph Polak in 1916, and  he preceded her in death on June 9, 1976. Mrs. Polak had been a homemaker, and was a communicant of St. Michael's Catholic Church. Survivors include her three daughters, Kathryn Polak of Lacey, WA, Josephine DeCaire of Muskegon, and Pearl (Thomas) Whelpley of New Lothrop, MI; 13 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; and 3 great-great-grandchildren. She was also preceded in death by an infant son and her daughter, Mary Lasser, in 1984. The Mass of Christian Burial will begin at 10 o'clock Saturday morning at St.  Michael's Catholic Church, with the Reverend father Thomas J. Hack as Celebrant. Interment will be made in St. Mary's Cemetery. Visitation hours on Friday will be from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 o'clock at the Pachesny-Jend Funeral Home, where the Rosary will be prayed at 7 o'clock.

Information donated by Margaret M. Leafe  


POLAK, Joseph F. (Mr)
Muskegon Chronicle Muskegon Michigan, Thursday, June 10, 1976 page 39

Polak, Mr. Joseph F. 1957 Manz St  Mr. Joseph F. Polak, age 87, died Wednesday morning at Hackley Hospital. He was born on March 19, 1889 in Gac, Poland and came to the United States in 1913. Mr. Polak married the former Miss Anna Lichota on August 20, 1916 in
New YORK. He was employed at Campbell, Wyatt & Cannon Foundry Company for 35 years before retiring in 1953. He was a communicant of St. Michael's Catholic Church and a founding member of Pulaski Lodge. Mr. Polak is survived by his wife, Anna, four daughters, Mrs. Mary Lasser of Muskegon, Miss Kathryn Polak of Stellacoom, Washington, Mrs. Floyd (Josephine) DeCaire of Muskegon and Mrs. Thomas (Pearl) Whelpley of New Lothrop, 13 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. The Funeral Mass for Mr. Polak will begin at 10 o'clock Saturday morning at St. Michael's Catholic Church with Rev. Fr. Edward Bielakas as celebrant. Interment will be made in St. Mary's Cemetery, The Rosary will be recited at 8 o'clock Friday evening at the Pachesny-Jed Funeral Home. Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 o'clock this evening.--Pachesny-Jend

Information donated by Margaret M. Leafe  


Muskegon Chronicle  Muskegon, Michigan  3 July 1953  Page 7

New Era, Dies  New Era, July 3 -- Albert Postema, 72 years old, Oceana resident more than 70 years, died at his home here yesterday after a long illness.  Mr. Postema, who came from the Netherlands when he was a year old, had spent [his entire] life farming in the New Era area.  He retired seven years ago.  Born Sept. 6, 1881, in the Netherlands, he married Susie VanDuinen at New Era, March 10, 1903.  The couple marked their 50th wedding anniversary this year.  Mr. Postema was a member of the New Era Reformed Church.  Besides his wife he leaves two sons, James of Muskegon and Eldon of Imlay City; a daughter, Mrs. Edith Grow of Montague; a sister, Mrs. John Veeneman, Muskegon, and seven grandchildren.  Funeral service will be held Monday at 2 p.m. in the New Era Reformed Church, following a 1:30 p.m. prayer service.  Rev. Pierce Maassen, will officiate.  Burial will be in New Era ceme­tery.

Information donated by Matt Burns  


PRICE, Darresa
Birth notice - a boy, at Mercy General Oak Campus, Muskegon Chronicle,Sept.19,2001,Page 3B.

Information donated by  Joanne Wood  


Prins, George
Muskegon Chronicle,  Tuesday, 9 July 1963, page 11 
Local Woman’s Brother Dies.  George Prins, 58, of Augusta, died Monday evening at the Ft. Custer State Home, Augusta, after a long illness.  He was born November 24, 1903 at Holland and had been a resident of Lapeer and Augusts the past 40 years.  He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Sidney Rop of Muskegon; two stepbrothers, John and Frederick Veneberg of Holland, a stepsister, Miss Bertha Veneberg of Vera Cruz, Mexico. 

Muskegon Chronicle, Tuesday, 9 July, 1963, page 21  Prins, Mr. George  Augusta, Michigan  Mr. George Prins, age 58 yrs. passed away Monday evening at the residence.  Services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Thursday at the Pilgrim Home Cemetery Chapel and the interment will be in the Pilgrim Home Cemetery at Holland, Mich.     -  Sytsema

Information donated by Bill Moore  


PUGH, Robert L.
Muskegon Chronicle  December 1, 2001 5B  MR. ROBERT L. PUGH  Norton Shores    Robert L. Pugh, age 81, died Friday, November 30, 2001.  He was born on January 19, 1920 in Tennessee and married the former JoAnn Pierce on July 12, 1946.  He served his country in the U.S. Army during World War II and in the Korean Conflict.  He was employed as a driver for over 30 years at Campbell, Wyant & Cannon until retiring in 1978, and was a former member of the Muskegon Heights VFW.  SURVIVORS  5 sons, Michael L. (Cheryl) Pugh of Kearsarge, MI, James R. "Bob" (Debra) Pugh of Muskegon, Ronald K. Pugh of Norton Shores, Steven M. Pugh "Spanky" of Norton Shores, Jeffrey A. (Anita) Pugh of Muskegon; 2 daughters, Pamela K. Pugh of Norton Shores, Debra M. Willer of Muskegon; 14 grandchildren and many great grandchildren.  He was preceded in death by his wife JoAnn on July 9, 1976.  SERVICE  Monday, December 3, 2001, 10:30 AM at the Clock Chapel with Rev. Clifford Lones officiating.  Interment at Norton Cemetery.  -Clock-Muskegon

Information donated by Anita Pugh

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