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Muskegon County Cemeteries - Alphabetical Order

Cemetery's First Burial Dates List


Anscomb/Chidester/Indian Cemetery Moorland Township, T10N, R14W Years1886-1966 Including Pictures

Bear Lake Cemetery Laketon Township, Sec 12, T10N, R17W  Including Pictures

Bell Place Cemetery Casnovia Township, Sec. 29, T10N, R13W

Blue Lake/White Oak Cemetery - Blue Lake Township, Sec. 13, Sec. 29, T12N, R16W Including Pictures

Casnovia Cemetery – Casnovia Township, Kenowa Road, Sec. 26, T10N , R13W

Duck Lake/Mears/Fruitland Township Cemetery Fruitland Township, Also known as Mears Cemetery or Fruitland Twp. Cemetery West, Sec. 13, T11N , R18N

Egelston/Chatterson Cemetery Egelston Township, Sec 32 & 33, T10N, R15W

Evergreen Cemetery City of Muskegon Listings, Wood at Irwin Streets  Including Pictures

Forest Home Cemetery City of Muskegon, Harvey at Marquette Streets

Fruitland Cemetery Fruitland Township, Bard and Lorenson Roads, Sec 24, T11N, R17 W

Hilton Cemetery – Casnovia Township, Sec. 33, T10N , R13W

Holton Lutheran Church Cemetery - Holton Township, Sec. 26, T12N, R15W Including Pictures

Horton Cemetery – Cedar Creek Township, Sec. 29, T11N, R15W

House on Duck Lake Road one listing

Hubbard/White River Cemetery  White River Township, Sec. 2, T12N, R18w Including Pictures

Indian Cemetery  City of Muskegon, Morris Street between 1st & 2nd Including Pictures

Indian Cemetery Peo Hill - City of Muskegon, Peo Hill near Port Sherman (Muskegon Channel)

Johnson Cemetery – Cedar Creek Township, Brickyard Road & Michilinda

Lakeside Cemetery City of Muskegon, Crozier Ave

Laketon Cemetery – Laketon Township, Horton Road, Sec. 12, T10N, R17W

Laketon-McLaughlin Cemetery   Laketon Township, Horton Road, Sec. 12, T10N, R17W

Mona View Cemetery  City of Muskegon Heights, Summit Avenue west of Getty Street

Moorland Cemetery – Moorland Township, Sec. 21, T10N , R14W

Mount Calvary Cemetery  Montague Township, Sec. 20, T12N, R17W

Mouth Cemetery White River Township, Sec. 35, T11N, R18W Including Pictures

Norton Cemetery – Norton Township, Sec. 17, T9N, R16W Including Pictures

Oak Grove Cemetery  Montague Township, Sec. 20, T12W, R17W

Oakhill Cemetery – Dalton Township, Sec. 35, T11N, R16W

Oakhurst Cemetery – Whitehall Township, Sec. 27, T12N, R17W

Oakland Cemetery Dalton Township, Sec. 16, T11N, R16W

Oakwood (Holton) Cemetery – Holton Township, Sec. 27, T12N, R15W

Oakwood (Muskegon) Cemetery City of Muskegon, Wood and Irwin Streets

Old Cemetery City of Muskegon Between 1st & 2nd Street and Webster and Muskegon Avenue

Pinehill /Fruitport Cemetery  Fruitport Township, Sec. 36, T9N, R14, Including Pictures

Ravenna Cemetery   Ravenna Township, Sec. 1 & 2 T9N, R14W, Including Pictures

Restlawn Cemetery City of Muskegon, Irwin and Kenneth Streets

St. Anthony's Cemetery – Cedar Creek Township, Sec. 24, T11N, R15W Including Pictures

St. Catherine's Cemetery   Ravenna Township, Sec. 2, T9N, R14W

St. Gregory's    Norton Shores, Seminole Rd.

St. Mary's Cemetery City of Muskegon, Laketon Ave. Including Pictures

Sammis/Haromon/Eilers Cemetery Montague Township, Also known as Haromon Cemetery or Eilers Cemetery, Sec. 17, T12N, R17W Including Pictures

Seaman Cemetery – Casnovia Township, Sec. 3, T10N , R13W

Shady Rest Cemetery – Muskegon Township, Sec. 22, T10N, R16W Including Pictures

Sprague Cemetery - Whitehall Township, Sec. 36, T12N,R17W Including Pictures

Sullivan Cemetery  Sullivan Township, Sec. 14, T9N, R15W

Sunrise Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Everrest Chapel  Muskegon Township

Twin Lake Cemetery – Dalton Township, Sec. 1, T11N, R16W

Ware Cemetery Blue Lake Township, Sec. 13, Sec. 29, T12N, R16W  Including Pictures


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