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Surname Given Name Church & Misc. Information Burial Date Location Photo
Laban Edw. Peter 3 mos 19-Sep-1925 2-5-2 Photo
Labash Henrietta St. Michael 3-Sep-2002 9-20-6 Photo
Labash James   18-Sep-1995 17-19-2 Photo
Labash John   23-Dec-1933 190-3 Photo
Labash John   14-Jun-1954 14-18-2 Photo
Labash John St. Michael 17-Sep-1990 9-20-6 Photo
LaBash Maisie Marguerite 26-Jul-2016 14-18-2 Photo
LaBeau Albert   28-May-1942 1-8-1 Photo
LaBeau Albert J. Sr.   1-Feb-1936 2-8-1 Photo
LaBeau Edwardina, Mrs.   30-Mar-1959 22-19-6 Photo
LaBelle Beatrice M. Dann (Bea) St. Francis 3-Oct-2016 106-24-3 Photo
LaBelle Peter H.   13-Dec-1958 53-8 Photo
LaBelle Russell St. Francis 9-Aug-2002 106-24-3 Photo
LaBelle Zoah M.   16-Aug-1977 53-8 Photo
LaBlande Lewis 6 mosParents: Theodore & A. (Blake) 14-Jan-1901   N/A
LaCasse Eliz. 39 yrs 15-Oct-1919 44-5 N/A
LaCasse Father   ? 44-5 N/A
LaCasse Mother   ? 44-5 N/A
LaChance Adeline   8-Aug-1942 3-1-5 Photo
LaChance Alphonse   13-Feb-1947 3-1-6 Photo
LaChance Rachel   20-Mar-1922 3-1-5 Photo
LaChapelle Emma   2-Nov-1943 1-15-8 Photo
LaChapelle Felix 41 yrs 30-Nov-1925 1-15-8 Photo
LaChapelle Joseph   7-Jun-1929 1-15-8 Phtoo
LaChapelle L. R. J. 2 yrsParents: Joseph & Emma (Belonger) 6-Jun-1899   N/A
LaChapelle Marie Roch     1-15-8 Photo
Lacharves Frank S.   28-Mar-1955 9-18-7 Photo
Lack Christine   2-May-2006 15-19-2 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lack Amil   20-May-1958 10-19-4 Photo
Lack Esther St. Thomas 3-Apr-1989 14-21-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lack Joseph Trinity Lutheran 30-Jun-1988 14-21-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lack Leon   21-Feb-1964 15-19-2 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lack Pauline St. Michael 24-Oct-1990 10-19-4 Photo
Lack William   17-Apr-2006 Resurrection Walk  
Lacourse Joseph   1920 6-14-7 Photo
Lacourse Lottie   4-Apr-1961 6-14-7 Photo
Lacross Peter   29-Jul-1940 1-8 N/A
Lacross William J.   24-Apr-1952 3-17-11 N/A
Ladd Burrel, Mr.   20-Jun-1975 11-18-3 Photo
Ladd Lillian St. Jean 4-May-1985 11-18-3 Photo
Ladd Michael B. Death Date: 29-Nov-2009 Our Lady of Grace 22-Jul-2010 11-18-3 Photo
Ladeck Alexandria, Miss   2-Jul-1960 2-13-5 Photo
Ladeck Charles   6-Aug-1958 2-13-5 Photo
Ladeck Lillian   1920  2-13-5 Photo
Ladeck Mary, Mrs.   20-Sep-1934 2-13-5 Photo
Ladick Leo Fr.   7-Feb-1920   N/A
LaFave Emily Mary Goloversic St. Thomas 26-Feb-2011 15-20-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lafayette Amelia 73 yrs 12-Feb-1929 2-3-3 Photo
Lafayette Demmes   1-Apr-1921 2-3-3 Photo
Lafayette M. 82 yrs, Father: Basoelt 6-May-1898   N/A
Lafferty Margaret R. (Peggy) St. Francis 22-Jul-2011 18-22-1 Photo
LaFlamme Elizabeth   29-Dec-1902 67-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
LaFlamme Joseph 65 yrs 25-May-1929 2-7-1 N/A
LaFleur Monument     1-11-4 Photo
LaFleur Paul   17-May-1918 1-11-4 Photo
LaFleur Sarah   14-Nov-1940 1-11-4 Photo
LaFleur William   1916 1-11-4 Photo
Lafountain Kenneth K.   29-May-1965 4-10-3 Photo
Lafountain Ruth M.   17-Dec-1966 4-10-3 Photo
LaFrance Gerald   4-Mar-2002 21-23-1 Photo
LaFrance Katherine Mary St. Jean 8-Jun-2010 217-22-6 Photo
LaFrance Leo St. Jean 3-Feb-1984 10-18-7 Photo
LaFrance Margaret   29-Mar-1967 5-19-7 Photo
LaFrance Nanette   21-Jul-1990 21-23-1 Photo
LaFrance Paul St. Jean 4-Mar-1987 217-22-6 Photo
LaFrance Paula B. Baby 11-Aug-1948 40-8 Photo
LaFrance Raymond St. Jean 11-Apr-1987 5-19-7 Photo
LaFrance Rheta M. St. Francis 17-Apr-1980 38-21-1 Photo
LaFrania Phillip   24-Sep-1947 3-7-6 Photo
Laird Henrietta Prince of Peace 25-Jul-1991 27-8 Photo
Lake Alvin St. Michael 25-Jan-1995 256-4 Photo
Lake Clara   1-Apr-1961 3-6-3 Photo
Lake Martha A. St. Michael 27-Apr-2007 256-4 Photo
Lake Martin   26-Jul-1935 3-6-3 Photo
Lalick John   25-Sep-1965 1-19-3 Photo
Lalick Marlena Baby 12-May-1969 17-19-8 Photo
Lallo Carole Ann   18-Apr-2015 12-20-4 Photo
Lamb Jeffery Baby 26-Jan-1960 8-18-8 Photo
Lamb Michael Death Date: 28-Feb-2012 10-Jun-2013 179-24-5 Photo
Lambert Monument     2-15-4 Photo
Lambert Albert 43 yrs 3-Jan-1927 2-15-4 Photo
Lambert Arthur H.   4-Jun-1979 220-21-6 Photo
Lambert Claire L., Mrs.   28-Apr-1979 220-21-6 Photo
Lambert Cleo May  7 yrs 16-Jun-1930 2-15-4 Photo
Lambert Desire   12-Oct-1918 2-8-4 Photo
Lambert Elizabeth St. Mary 20-Apr-1992 7-20-4 Photo
Lambert Elyrinn (Elzear) 68 yrs 13-Oct-1923 2-13-3 N/A
Lambert Exilda   21-Jul-1915 27-5 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lambert Ignatius 17 yrs 15-Dec-1923 1-14-6 Photo
Lambert Irene M. Cholewinski St. James 14-Oct-2016 St. John Neumann Walk  
Lambert Isaac 72 yrs 30-Jan-1926 2-15-4 N/A
Lambert J. Roch St. Jean 17-May-2000 St. John Neumann Walk  
Lambert Joseph   17-Jun-1968 7-20-4 Photo
Lambert Karen Sue Baby 22-Jul-1953 4-4 N/A
Lambert Louis G. Death date 1-Feb-2009 13-Jun-2009 220-21-6 Photo
Lambert Mary   2-Jan-1947 2-8-4 N/A
Lambert Mary Blanche 4 yrsParents: Oliver & Excilda (Nault) 26-Dec-1897   N/A
Lambert Mary C.   4-Jan-1968 4-16-13 Photo
Lambert Michael Baby 30-Apr-1952 2-8-4 N/A
Lambert Minnie   27-Jan-1936 99-2 Photo
Lambert Norman E.   23-Mar-1976 13-20-7 Photo
Lambert Oliver 68 yrs 19-Apr-1900 27-5 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lambert Olivier Baby 15-Apr-1878 27-5 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lambert Oliver Baby 11-Aug-1918 2-8-4 N/A
Lambert Pheba   10-Apr-1885 27-5 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lambert Richard   8-Jul-1994 Ascension Walk  
Lambert Robert Paul Baby ? 2-8-4 N/A
Lambert Thelma (Doddie) Date of Death 8-May-2008 19-Jul-2008 220-21-6 Photo
Lambert Victoria 17 mos. 6-Aug-1912 2-8-4 N/A
Lambert Victoria   26-May-1924 2-13-3 N/A
Lambordo Baby   19-Sep-1927 3-10-5 N/A
Lamkin Anna Marie   3-Nov-1947 37-8 Photo
Lamont Christina, Mrs.   5-Jan-1943 210-3 Photo
Lamoreaux Monument     9-7 Photo
Lamoreaux Art. Edw.   7-Nov-1934 14-8 Photo
Lamoreaux Elizabeth (Eliza) Parents: Akin & Ange (LaPlant) Paunald 2-Oct-1899 14-8 Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3
Lamoreaux Isabelle   18-Dec-1964 9-7 Photo
Lamoreaux Katheryne   22-Dec-1971 9-7 Photo
Lamoreaux Marie, Mrs.   24-Oct-1956 9-7 Photo
Lamoreaux Simon A.   17-Apr-1933 9-7 Photo
Lamoreaux Solomon 94 yrs 2-Jun-1923 14-8 Photo 1 Photo 2
LaMorte Anthony D. 59 yrs, St. Mary's Spring Lake 13-Jul-1982 141-21-4 Photo
LaMouria Joseph M.   25-Nov-1959 1-17-1 Photo
LaMouria Mary   23-Jan-1952 1-17-1 Photo
Lampe Augusta, Mrs.   25-Feb-1941 1-12-1 Photo
Lancrbak Vendel   25-Jul-1934 2-8-2 N/A
Landgraf Alan   3-Apr-2004 308-23-8 Photo
Landry Peter C.   24-Aug-1944 16-4 N/A
Landwer James   13-Sep-2001 344-23-8 Photo
Lang Adam   27-Aug-1970 23-20-1 Photo
Lang Bernard M.   21-Apr-1944 62-4 Photo
Lang Betty Jane   28-Dec-1942 62-4 Photo
Lang Gladys   19-Nov-1949 200-3 Photo
Lang Josephine   27-Aug-1952 3-9-2 N/A
Lang Marguerite M.   19-May-1983 62-4 Photo
Lang Simon O.   24-Nov-1952 1-17-1 Photo
Lang Walter   11-Jan-1951 200-3 Photo
Langan Ellen 61 yrs 2-Jan-1924 2-4-4 Photo
Langan Florence   27-Oct-1992 2-4-4 Photo
Langan Thomas   1914 2-4-4 Photo
Langan Thomas J.   14-Apr-1952 2-4-4 Photo
Langeland Jeanne   2-Jul-1971 6-20-4 Photo
Langer Chas.   31-Jul-1929 3-7-1 N/A
Langin Elizabeth 91 yrs 8-Feb-1925 64-4 N/A
Langkawel Herman   20-Jun-1917 103-2 Photo
Langler Charles Raymond   4-Oct-2004 238-3 Photo
Langler Josephine   8-Aug-2003 238-3 Photo
Langley Barbara, Mrs.   13-Mar-1951 30-8 Photo
Langley John G.   4-Sep-1948 30-8 Photo
Langley Mamie A. 11 mosParents: John & Barbara (Keen) 14-Feb-1898 30-8 Photo
Langlois Monument     3-8-3 Photo
Langlois Alice   6-Mar-1968 8-20-4 Photo
Langlois Alphonse   14-Oct-1939 3-8-3 Photo
Langlois Alphonse J.   21-Sep-1968 8-20-4 Photo
Langlois Amedee   5-Jul-1946 2-13-3 Photo
Langlois Archie J.   26-Nov-1957 3-8-3 Photo
Langlois Archie M.   19-May-1958 28-19-7 Photo
Langlois Ashley M.   29-Sep-1986 1-19-6 Photo
Langlois Baby   1917 28-4 N/A
Langlois Baby   27-May-1918   N/A
Langlois Baby   12-Feb-1923   N/A
Langlois Baby   19-May-1958 1-13-2 N/A
Langlois Bernard J. St. Mary 15-Apr-2014 8-20-4 Photo
Langlois Bert 6 mos, Parents: Edward & D. K. 31-Mar-1902   N/A
Langlois Charles   25-Feb-1978 8-19-7 Photo
Langlois Dela 2 yrsParents: George & Maggie (Doe) 21-Oct-1900   N/A
Langlois Delina   1902 28-4 N/A
Langlois Dolores St. Jean 22-Jan-2001 8-20-4 Photo
Langlois Eva 9 yrs 15-Sep-1919 3-8-3 Photo
Langlois Fannie, Mrs.   16-Dec-1950 28-4 Photo
Langlois Frances   15-May-1985 2-13-3 Photo
Langlois GeraldE. Sr. Not buried here. 2007 4-13-3 Photo
Langlois Goldie 5 yrs 1891  3-8-3 Photo
Langlois Hettie M.   12-Jul-1977 8-20-4 Photo
Langlois Helen   22-Mar-1986 1-13-2 Photo
Langlois Helen Louise Baby 19-Jan-1963 1-13-2 Photo
Langlois John Pierre Sr.   30-Oct-2016 8-20-4 Photo
Langlois Joseph J. St. Jean 22-Aug-1987 8-20-4 Photo
Langlois Joseph Jr. St. Jean 19-Feb-2001 Holy Trinity Walk  
Langlois Katherine (Chart. Cecilia) Baby 14-Jan-1921 1--13-2 Photo
Langlois Kristie Baby 2-Jan-1974 8-19-8 Photo
Langlois Lawrence St. Francis 9-Aug-1989 124-23-3 Photo
Langlois Lea Mary   23-Apr-1943 3-8-3 Photo
Langlois Leo   14-Jul-1930   N/A
Langlois Leo, Sr.   18-May-1956 1-13-2 Photo
Langlois Louis 69 yrs 26-Jul-1902   N/A
Langlois Louis 34 yrs 12-Mar-1905 28-4 Photo
Langlois Louis S.B. 30-Mar-1921   N/A
Langlois Louis   11-Sep-1940 2-13-3 Photo
Langlois Louis 93 yrs 26-Sep-1977 3-8-3 Photo
Langlois Louis R. (Louie) St. Francis 3-Jan-2011 257-24-7 Photo
Langlois Margret   1916 28-4 N/A
Langlois Marie 16 yrs 3-Dec-1930 28-4 N/A
Langlois Mary Louise 53 yrs 19-Jul-1924 2-13-3 Photo
Langlois Maurice Baby 5-Oct-1939 3-8-3 N/A
Langlois Medio 1 yr, Parents: Ed. & Mary Louise 28-Sep-1901   N/A
Langlois Middy, Mr.   1-Apr-1972 8-20-4 Photo
Langlois Mildred   27-Jan-1968 3-8-3 Photo
Langlois Mildred L. (Millie) Sacred Heart 22-Feb-2010 5-20-4 N/A
Langlois Nancy Ellen   18-Jun-2010 109-23-3 Photo
Langlois Pamela Katherine Baby 9-Sep-1963 8-19-7 N/A
Langlois Patricia M. Our Lady of Grace 1-Jun-2012 8-20-4 Photo
Langlois Patrick M.   15-May-1995 8-20-4 Photo
Langlois Pauline St. Jean 3-May-2011 8-19-7 Photo
Langlois Phyllis Mae Jenkins St. Francis 8-Sep-2014 257-24-7 Photo
Langlois Robert A.   17-Apr-2017 8-19-7 Photo
Langlois Robert James St. Francis 19-Oct-2007 80-24-2 Photo 1 Photo 2
Langlois Robert Jr.   26-May-2005 109-23-3 Photo
Langlois Rose 38 yrs 1-Oct-1928 3-8-3 Photo
Langlois Rose Marie   25-May-1935 3-8-3 Photo
Langlois Roy   10-Dec-1977 3-13-2 Photo
Langlois Sandra St. Francis 11-Jun-2001 124-23-3 Photo
Langlois Twin Babies   2-Jun-1941 3-8-3 N/A
Langlois Victoria St. Francis 17-Mar-2001 28-19-7 Photo
Langlois William Alphonse   21-Aug-2006 109-23-3 Photo 1 Photo 2
Langlois William L.   11-Feb-1959 28-4 Photo
Langoni Denise Kay Not buried here. 2013 342-24-8 Photo
Langowski May   21-Feb-1923 228-3 N/A
Languis Adela Mae   3-Aug-1953 2-14-5 Photo
Languis Anna   1-Jun-1966 2-19-5 N/A
Lanning Terrance   2-Jun-1970 14-20-2 Photo
Lanore Benjamin   13-Apr-1956 2-9-2 Photo
Lanore Caroline 86 yrs 11-Jan-1930 3-9-2 Photo
Lanore Delilah   16-Apr-1968 2-9-2 Photo
Lanore Dennis   1966 1-19-6 Photo
Lanore Emily, Mrs.   5-Dec-1946 4-15-1 Photo
Lanore Felix 75 yrs 8-Feb-1923 3-9-2 Photo
Lanore Frank O.   29-Aug-1955 4-15-1 Photo
Lanore Genevieve   18-Aug-1944 4-9-2 Photo
Lanore George   4-Sep-1935 4-9-2 Photo
LaNore Helen M. Sacred Heart 17-May-2010 1-19-6 Photo
Lanore Henry Baby 2-Jul-1955 39-5 Photo
Lanore Hugh 16 yrs-10 mos 23-Feb-1921 2-9-2 N/A
Lanore Kenneth   15-Jun-1977 1-19-6 Photo
Lanore Kyran St. Thomas 1-May-1991 Holy Trinity Walk  
Lanore LaVern (Buck)   19-Aug-1961 18-19-1 Photo
Lanore Leone Baby 15-Jun-1936 1-14-7 Photo
Lanore Louis   29-Nov-1948 3-5 Photo
Lanore Louis Edw. Baby 8-Jun-1940 39-5 N/A
Lanore Mary   29-May-1979 3-5 Photo
Lanore Mary Eliz.   2-Aug-1935 3-9-2 Photo
Lanore Nellie Sacred Heart 1-Sep-1987 16-19-6 Photo
Lanore Oliver 79 yrs 29-Feb-1932 4-15-1 Photo
Lanore Patti Ann   1-Aug-2007 St. John Neumann Walk  
Lanore Phyllis   16-Apr-1922   N/A
Lanore Rose A., Mrs.   4-Mar-1957 2-9-2 Photo
Lanore Samuel   16-Oct-1959 16-19-6 Photo
Lanore Samuel E.   1-Feb-1960 2-9-2 Photo
LaNouette Monument     4-17-4 Photo
LaNouette Etudine, Mrs.   14-Oct-1932 4-17-4 Photo
LaNouette Felix   10-Jan-1933 4-17-4 Photo
Lapajczyk Olga St. Michael 3-Jan-2006 334-23-8 Photo
Lapinski Josephine   9-Nov-1974 9-20-1 Photo
Lapinski Michael   12-Mar-1979 9-20-1 Photo
Lapinski Michael Maurice Death Date: 19-Jun-2009 15-Jul-2009 9-20-1 Photo
Lapinski Stanley 16 yrs 3-Mar-1932 1-12-1 Photo
Lapinski Theodore M. St. Michael 4-Jun-2013 9-20-1 Photo
LaPlante Edward St. Francis 13-Mar-1982 3-19-3 Photo
LaPlante Louise   13-Sep-1965 3-19-3 Photo
Lapmarda Camilla St. Francis 22-Feb-2005 St. Joseph Walk  
Lapmarda Joseph P. St. Francis 2-Aug-2002 St. Joseph Walk  
Lapoint Alex   7-Jan-1920   N/A
Lapoint Belle   3-Dec-1956 8-18-7 Photo
Lapoint Burnell J.   ?   N/A
Lapoint Child   3-Apr-1920   N/A
Lapoint Diane L. Baby 17-Aug-1960 8-18-8 N/A
Lapoint John J.   30-Jul-1941 4-15-10 N/A
Lapointe ? 41 yrs, Father: Chenur 23-Jan-1905   N/A
LaPointe Diane Lee   8-Apr-2013 18-22-1 Photo
Lapointe Emery J.   13-Sep-1950 2-9-2 Photo
Lapointe Gladys   4-May-1971 2-9-2 Photo
Laporta Charles J., Sr.   19-Dec-1952 16-18-1 Photo
Laporta Josephine   31-Jan-1940 212-3 Photo
Laporta Louis   2-Apr-1947 212-3 Photo
Laporta Ruth  Formerly Mrs. Wm. Fitzsimons 22-Nov-1976 14-19-5 Photo
Lappo Hattie St. Michael 11-Dec-2006 217-22-6 Photo
Lappo John   24-Oct-1956 2-18-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lappo Leo St. Michael 15-Feb-1996 217-22-6 Photo
Lappo Richard Lee   5-Dec-2014 217-22-6 Photo
Lappo Theodore   28-Aug-2000 St. John Neumann Walk  
Lappo Theodore M. Baby 16-May-1956 16-18-8 Photo
Lappo Zofia   23-Oct-1964 2-18-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lapres Agnes, Mrs.   2-Dec-1933 2-3-4 Photo
Lapres Alfred J.   9-Feb-1953 4-6-4 Photo
Lapres Anna 40 yrs 11-Sep-1923 4-6-4 Photo
Lapres Anthony   22-Mar-1972 9-18-3 Photo
Lapres Catherine L. St. Mary 9-Jun-1998 9-18-3 Photo
Lapres Cedaire   3-Nov-1966 2-3-4 Photo
Lapres Cedaire J., Jr.   6-Mar-1973 2-3-4 Photo
Lapres Charles R.   14-Jun-1961 19-19-6 Photo
Lapres Felix   29-Oct-1934 2-16-3 Photo
Lapres Felix, Rev.   25-Jun-1971 Priest Circle Photo
Lapres Francis A., Mr.   30-Aug-1977 22-19-7 Photo
Lapres Helen   21-Dec-1957 22-19-7 Photo
Lapres John A. St. Francis 22-Jan-1998 11-20-5 Photo
Lapres Joseph 66 yrs 10-Nov-1917 4-6-4 Photo
Lapres Josephine   11-Oct-1949 4-6-4 Photo
Lapres Kenneth   2-Apr-1979 217-3 Photo
Lapres Lawrence Joseph St. Jean 21-Jun-2000 148-22-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lapres Louis 3 yrs 17-Aug-1919 F-16-7 N/A
Lapres Louis J.   29-Nov-1947 217-3  Photo
Lapres Louis, Rev.   14-Jul-1970 Priest Circle Photo
Lapres Louerna Ruth   22-Sep-1945 217-3 Photo
Lapres Lumina   26-Jan-1949 2-16-3 Photo
Lapres Marguerite St. Francis 21-Jan-2002 11-20-5 Photo
Lapres Mary A.   7-Sep-1968 22-19-7 Photo
Lapres Mary Jean St. Jean 17-Jul-2007 148-22-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lapres Mary Theresa 2 mos-1 day 12-Jul-1928 4-6-4 N/A
Lapres Patricia St. Jean 2-Jan-1987 123-22-3 Photo
Lapres Philomene   1914 4-6-4 Photo
Lapres Roch A. 26 yrs 3-Dec-1919 4-6-4 Photo
Lapres Sarah (Gilbert) St. Jean 25-Sep-1985 14-18-3 Photo
Lapres William   26-Jan-2000 123-22-2 Photo
Larasink Eyirl 46 yrs 16-Jan-1924 3-1-5 N/A
Lario James   1895 135-2 Photo
Larkin Jane (Jennie)   26-Jul-1922 5-3-A Photo
LaRoche Samuel   22-Jun-1993 11-20-4 Photo
LaRoche Viola   19-Feb-1970 11-20-4 Photo
LaRocque Clara   12-Dec-2000 215-23-6 Photo
Larose Dale   17-Oct-1979 1-19-8 Photo
Laroure J. A.   9-Feb-1920   N/A
Larsen Monument     3-12-6 Photo
Larsen Aksel/Axel M.   27-Jul-1932 3-12-6 Photo
Larsen Albert   4-Dec-1968 30-20-7 Photo
Larsen Bertha   28-Sep-1962 3-12-6 Photo
Larsen Carl Jr.   1-Oct-2000 St. John Neumann Walk  
Larsen Edwin Paul   15-Sep-1989 125-23-3 Photo
Larsen Jean Mary St. Francis 13-Nov-2009 Holy Family Walk  
Larsen Margaret   4-Feb-1954 3-17-10 Photo
Larsen Patricia   6-Feb-1986 30-20-7 Photo
Larsen Patricia   30-Nov-1998 125-23-3 Photo
Larsen Paul Alan   30-Nov-2012 133-24-4 Photo
Larsen Reginald   18-May-1963 3-12-6 N/A
Larsen Theodore   21-Jul-1954 3-17-10 Photo
Larsen Thomas L.   6-Oct-2006 Holy Family Walk  
Larson Monument     28-7 Photo
Larson Andrew 39 yrs 7-Aug-1919 104-2 N/A
Larson Baby   9-Jun-1921   N/A
Larson Erika Lynn Baby 5-Mar-1991 350-21-8 Photo
Larson Harold   21-Dec-1953 8-18-2 Photo
Larson Harold Rex Death Date: 5-Mar-1995 Cremains in Margaret Larson's casket. 29-Sep-2014 234-3 Photo
Larson Caroline (Ploughar) (Carrie) St. Michael 27-Dec-2011 242-3 Photo 1 Photo 2
Larson Jeanne M.   15-Apr-2004 301-21-8 N/A
Larson Marcella 1 yrParents: Louis & Mary (Garretty) 15-Jun-1898   N/A
Larson Margaret M. Smith Our Lady of Grace 29-Sep-2014 234-3 Photo
Larson Marguerite St. Francis 6-Apr-1993 8-18-2 Photo
Larson Raymond   27-Oct-2005 301-21-8 N/A
Larson Robert David (Bob)   6-Sep-2013 301-21-8 N/A
Larson William   1-Apr-1991 303-22-8 Photo
Lascko Jeanette St. Francis 5-Jan-1996 10-20-7 Photo
Lascko Julius St. Francis 29-Oct-1982 10-20-7 Photo
Laska Julius Baby 24-Jul-1919   N/A
Lasko Mary   1-Aug-1945 4-2-1 Photo
Laskouski Anthony Baby 10-Sep-1934 3-5-3 N/A
Laskowicz Elsie St. Michael 16-Jun-2003 12-20-6 Photo
Laskowicz Marjorie E. Death Date 22-APR-1989 23-Jun-2007 Ascension Walk Photo
Laskowicz Mary   13-Aug-1973 11-20-5 Photo
Laskowicz Stanley St. Michael 22-Mar-1984 11-20-5 Photo
Laskowicz Stanley E. Death Date 25-Jan-2007 23-Jun-2007 Ascension Walk Photo
Laskowicz Thaddeus St. Michael 11-Feb-1997 12-20-6 Photo
Laskowski Edna   10-Sep-2002 Ascension Walk  
Laskowski Edward   21-Sep-1994 Ascension Walk  
Laslo Sam   26-Apr-1949 27-14-A N/A
Lasser Dell   12-Dec-1972 22-20-7 Photo
Lasser Delore J.   17-May-1946 5-15-9 Photo
Lasser Donald   6-Sep-1966 4-19-2 Photo
Lasser Frances, Mrs.   6-Jan-1971 5-15-9 Photo
Lasser George M. St. Michael 24-Feb-1981 10-19-7 Photo
Lasser Gregory Michael Death Date: 21-Jun-2009 17-Apr-2017 22-20-7 Photo
Lasser Gustina   30-Sep-1976 2-6-4 Photo
Lasser Josephine J. (Jo Jo) St. Michael 2-Oct-2014 10-19-7 Photo
Lasser Mary Our Lady of Grace 12-Nov-1984 22-20-7 Photo
Lasser Mose   25-May-1949 2-6-4 Photo
Lasser Richard St. Michael 1-Dec-1997 303-22-8 Photo
Lasser William Baby 1916 2-6-4 Photo
Laszar John A.   26-May-1945 2-5-1 Photo
Laszka Peter 3 wks 5-Dec-1922 2-1-2 N/A
Lathrop Florence   29-Apr-1942 3-7-3 Phtoo
Latki Stefan   1912 20-11-A Photo
Latra Violet (Irene B.) Unclaimed cremains. 26-Feb-1973 Holy Trinity Walk N/A
Latsch Monument     19-6 Photo
Latsch Audora   9-Sep-1994 10-6 Photo
Latsch August   1899 19-6 Photo
Latsch August   3-Jul-1975 10-6 Photo
Latsch Helen, Mrs.   17-Oct-1940 19-6 Photo
Latsch Jean Michael   13-May-2003 332-23-8 Photo
Latsch Joseph   1907 19-6 Phtoo
Latsch Kate   1907 19-6 Photo
Latsch Louise Jean 36 dys 1-Apr-1930 19-6 Photo
Latsch Paul A.   23-Dec-1978 14-20-8 Photo
Lattory Francis 5 mos 3-Jun-1904   N/A
Laughead Joan Unclaimed cremains. 19-Jan-1989 Holy Trinity Walk N/A
Laundra Anthony J.   5-Apr-1972 4-19-2 Photo
Laura Fred Arthur 34 yrs 25-Feb-1931 7-5 Photo
Laura Fred, Sr.   16-Mar-1938 7-5 Photo
Laura Rose, Mrs.   11-Mar-1939 7-5 Photo
Laurant Antoine 79 yrs 14-Mar-1898   N/A
Lauren Leon 57 yrsParents: Antine & Mellie (LeBult) 28-May-1905   N/A
Laurent Ferdinand   1885 7-5 Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3
Laurentin Sobicz Post 250, 23 dys 25-Oct-1927 2-2-1 N/A
Lauretti Alexander   5-Apr-1951 4-12-6 Photo
Lauretti Baby   7-Jan-1937 147-2 N/A
Lauretti Cecilia Our Lady of Grace 23-Sep-1996 Ascension Walk  
Lauretti Dorothea, Mrs.   15-Jan-1949 2-16-2 Photo
Lauretti Emil, Dr. Our Lady of Grace 27-May-2000 Ascension Walk  
Lauretti Felicia, Mrs.   13-Feb-1973 1-18-4 Photo
Lauretti Lawrence, Dr. St. Francis 24-Sep-2001 Assumption Walk  
Lauretti Maria   28-Sep-1946 4-12-6 Photo
Lauretti Michele (Mike) Our Lady of Grace 3-Sep-1986 1-18-4 Photo
Lauretti Orri A. (Oreste)   30-Oct-1976 3-18-3 Photo
Laurin Adrian Sacred Heart 25-Jan-1986 28-20-7 Photo
Laurin Alexis J.   9-Apr-1953 28-15-A Photo
Laurin Baby of John   30-Nov-1923   N/A
Laurin Cilia   6-Aug-1918 1-3-2 N/A
Laurin Eliza (Elyse) 64 yrs 17-Oct-1926 4-10-1 Photo
Laurin Eugenie M., Mrs.   27-Apr-1959 221-3 Photo
Laurin John B.   7-Apr-1932 3-10-2 Photo
Laurin John B.   9-Jul-1934 3-10-2 Photo
Laurin John B.   16-Jan-1954 221-3 Photo
Laurin Joseph 36 yrs 15-Jul-1924 3-10-2 Photo
Laurin Joseph E. (Leonel)   23-Sep-1959 221-3 Photo
Laurin Laurin Baby 21-Nov-1942 36-8 N/A
Laurin Malvina 71 yrs 10-Sep-1953 28-15-A Photo
Laurin Margaret Mary   17-Nov-1982 28-15-A N/A
Laurin Marie 48 yrs 11-Aug-1920   N/A
Laurin Mary   23-May-1995 28-20-7 Photo
Laurin Rose A.   17-Feb-1931 3-10-2 Photo
Laurine Baby 2 days Father: Alex Moter Alomine Thompson 12-Dec-1902   N/A
Lautenschlager Donald R. Jr.   29-Oct-1955 4-9-1 N/A
Laux Virginia Baby 8-Jun-1942 4-1-5 Photo
LaVanture Adolph   31-Mar-1938 67-4 Photo
LaVanture Amanda Sacred Heart 7-Mar-1991 245-4 Photo
LaVanture Edmund   7-Feb-1992 245-4 Photo
LaVanture Edward J.   5-Jul-1947 221-3 Photo
LaVanture Irma (Wajman)   4-Jan-1995 15-19-5 Photo
LaVanture Willard   2-Jul-1948 67-4 Photo
LaVaque Felicitee   1871 146-2 Photo
LaVaque Lawrence   1871 146-2 Photo
LaVasseur Anita L. Baby 30-Dec-1959 8-18-8 Photo
LaVere James   16-Feb-1996 147-22-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
LaVere Marian St. Francis 20-Dec-1995 5-20-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
LaVere Marjorie E. Reinterment from Saginaw mausloeum 25-Apr-1984 147-22-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
LaVere Robert D.   6-Oct-1971 5-20-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
LaVere Robert J. Buried with dog cremains. 8-Jul-2016 145-21-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
LaVere Robert S. St. Francis 23-Oct-1990 145-21-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lawburgh Catherine   1-Apr-1961 21-19-8 Photo
Lawburgh James   21-Aug-1970 21-19-8 Photo
Lawie Monument     23-19-1 Photo
Lawie Alice Mae N.M. Comm. United Methodist 15-Mar-2011 23-19-1 Photo
Lawie Edwidge   19-Nov-1964 23-19-1 Photo
Lawie George St. Jean 1-Jul-1987 23-19-1 Photo
Lawie George Sr.   7-Mar-1956 23-19-1 Photo
Lawie Lawrence Edward (Larry) St. Mary 23-Aug-2013 23-19-1 Photo
Lawie Louis   6-Aug-1998 23-19-1 Photo
Lawie Murial, Mrs   22-Feb-1958 23-19-1 Photo
Lawrence Benjamin 72 yrs 27-Feb-1929 2-6-1 N/A
Lawrence Edward Sacred Heart 8-Jan-1987 275-21-7 Photo
Lawrence Florence   3-Sep-2003 1-20-3 Photo
Lawrence Fred   1-Oct-1972 1-20-3 Photo
Lawrence Georgia Provo   15-Feb-1929 47-4 Photo
Lawrence Ida   23-Dec-1964 9-19-6 Photo
Lawrence Joseph Sr.   9-Apr-1957 1-18-2 Photo
Lawrence Lillian Baby 20-Jul-1963 1-18-8 N/A
Lawrence Linda Baby 1-Dec-1966 24-19-8 N/A
Lawrence Margaret Sacred Heart 22-Oct-2003 275-21-7 Photo
Lawrence Mrs. Marie   20-May-1937 2-1 N/A
Lawrence Theresa 37 yrs 12-Nov-1920 2-1 N/A
Lawrence William H.   9-Mar-1971 15-20-6 N/A
Lawson Albert   20-Aug-2001 1-20-7 Photo
Lawson Baby Girl   29-Apr-1950 4-16-13 N/A
Lawson Eleanor   23-Sep-2006 177-23-5 Photo
Lawson Lucille "Dorothy" St. Joseph 2-Feb-2007 1-20-7 Photo
Lawson Norman   15-Mar-1966 4-19-2 Photo 1 Photo 2
Lawson Robert   27-Feb-1995 177-23-5 Photo
Layden Ella 71 yrs 13-May-1929 1-3-4 Photo
Layden Peter C.   20-Sep-1937 1-3-4 Photo
Lazarack Edw   16-Jan-1943 153-2 N/A
Lazarock Catherine St. Thomas 19-Dec-1988 2-19-1 Photo
Lazarock William   23-Dec-1966 2-19-1 Photo
Lazorak Alexander   29-Nov-1944 152-2 N/A
Leach James