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Surname Given Name Church & Misc. Information Burial Date Location Photo
Blackburn William Henry   4-Jan-1939 36-5 N/A
Blackey Elizabeth   4-Nov-1993 351-21-8 Photo
Blackey Kasmer   4-Nov-1993 351-21-8 Photo
Blackmer Mary Margaret   25-Mar-1991 14-20-5 Photo
Blackmer Robert   26-Dec-2001 14-20-5 Photo
Blackmer Stella   5-Feb-1970 16-20-5 Photo
Blaha Isabelle Sacred Heart 30-May-1978 14-19-5 Photo
Blaha William Francis Sacred Heart 29-Jul-1982 14-19-5 Photo
Blais Monument     6-16-3 Photo
Blais Monument     31-5 Photo
Blais Angela St. Jean 16-Sep-1987 12-20-6 Photo
Blais Cedaire   8-Jan-1937 31-5 Photo
Blais Elmira 68 yrs 2-Nov-1926 31-5 Photo
Blais Geo Francis   29-Jun-1934 6-16-3 Photo
Blais George E. Reinterred from Kankakee Illinois 2-Sep-1986 112-22-3 Photo
Blais Herbert A.   7-Apr-1937 41-6 Photo
Blais Joseph   2-Apr-1996 Ascension Walk  
Blais Louis St. Jean 19-Feb-1973 12-20-6 Photo
Blais Louise   13-Jul-1908 31-5 Photo
Blais Marva R. St. Jean 29-Mar-2007 Ascension Walk  
Blais Mother   1897 31-5 Photo
Blais Patricia Jane (Dexterhouse) St. Mary - Spring Lake 30-Jun-2008 112-22-3 Photo
Blais Patricia M.   9-Jul-2003 Ascension Walk  
Blais Patrick J. Baby 29-Jun-1959 31-5 N/A
Blais Richard C.   24-Sep-1977 4-20-7 Photo
Blais Robert St. Jean 11-Oct-2005 Ascension Walk  
Blake David J. 57 yrs 12-Aug-1926 6-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Blake John   29-May-1942 1-7-4 Photo
Blake Julia   1868 6-1 Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3
Blake Mae L., Miss   27-Sep-1960 6-1 Photo
Blake Margaret   16-Sep-1964 1-7-4 Photo
Blake Thomas E.   9-Aug-1974 1-7-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
Blake Viola Arbeatrice Anderson St. Franics 10-Dec-2015 1-7-4 Photo
Blakk Mrs.   26-Feb-1918 6-1 N/A
Blakley Monument     4-9-3 Photo
Blakley Ed J.   8-Feb-1918 4-9-3 Photo
Blakley Jas.   2-Sep-1932 4-9-3 Photo
Blakley Mary (Mrs. James) 64 yrs 20-Aug-1931 4-9-3 Photo
Blanchard W. V. 8 mos 4-Oct-1931 3-12-1 N/A
Blanchette Monument     2-15-6 Photo
Blanchette Bernard W.   9-Nov-1944 2-15-6 Photo
Blanchette Delina   23-Feb-1950 2-15-6 Photo
Blanchette Eleanor M. St. Thomas 18-Mar-1991 2-15-6 Photo
Blanchette Gasper, Sr.   9-May-1945 2-15-6 Photo
Blanchette Hazel St. Jean 26-Aug-1996 2-15-6 Photo
Blanchette Jasper (Gasper) St. Jean 1-Jul-1972 2-15-6 Photo
Blanchette LaVonne   22-Apr-2005 Holy Trinity Walk  
Blanchette Mary Back of William's stone. Not buried here. 1993 2-15-6 Photo
Blanchette Ruth St. Thomas 19-Oct-1999 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Walk  
Blanchette Wilfred St. Thomas 8-Mar-1993 2-15-6 Photo
Blanchette William 39 yrs 6-Sep-1931 2-15-6 Photo
Blandin Baby S.B. 16-Jul-1918   N/A
Blank Marguerite, Mrs.   11-Apr-1939 187-3 Photo
Blaske Anne St. Mary 9-Oct-2007 Ascension Walk Photo
Blaske Josephine St. Michael 19-Mar-1976 22-20-5 Photo
Blaske Leonard   7-May-2004 Ascension Walk Photo
Blaske Raphael A. Tech 5th Class 14-Jun-1948 2-5-3 Photo
Blaske/Blazejewski John/Jans Old book says removed in Dec-1937 19-Nov-1934 2-5-3 Photo
Blaszak Edward   29-Aug-2003 58-23-2 Photo 1 Photo 2
Blaszak Joseph T.   22-Jan-1964 20-19-1 Photo
Blaszak Lorraine   24-Mar-1997 58-23-2 Photo 1 Photo 2
Blaszak Mary, Mrs.   30-Sep-1936 109-2 Photo
Blazat Henry 6 mos 17-Feb-1932 3-13-1 N/A
Blazis Josephine Baby 23-Jun-1937 197-3 N/A
Blenchette Edwin 1 mo, Parents: Jaspard & Dilima 10-Mar-1898   N/A
Bliesmer Lorenze P.   3-Sep-1974 7-19-8 Photo
Bliesmer Margaret R. St. Mary 4-Jun-1985 7-19-8 Photo
Bliesmer Vamealex   1911   N/A
Blindauer Anna (Angelo) 48 yrs 14-Dec-1924 1-2-3 N/A
Blindauer Michael 45 yrs 7-Dec-1917 1-2-3 N/A
Bliss Forest   21-Mar-1947 B-16-9 Photo
Bliss James Robert   3-May-1937 B-16-9 Photo
Bliss Marguerite   15-Apr-1999 B-16-9 Photo
Blondin Baby Born 19-Apr-1929 3-5-1 N/A
Blondin Baby Born 2-May-1929 3-5-1 N/A
Blondin Earl Albert 6 mos 13-Nov-1917   N/A
Blondin Elzar A.   30-Oct-1955 1-1-1 N/A
Blondin Hazel 44 yrs 24-Apr-1930 2-12-1 N/A
Blondin Marie   13-Apr-1937 68-4 N/A
Blondin Paul   1-May-1922 68-4 N/A
Bloom Olive, Mrs.   14-Sep-1940 55-5 Photo
Bloomquist James 4 dys 28-Jul-1922 5-3-A Photo
Blow Ruby (Vaillancourt)   30-Nov-1992 195-21-5 Photo
Bluhm Lucy C. (Meyer)   3-Nov-1975 4-18-3 Photo
Bluhm Vera Meloche Sacred Heart 31-Oct-1994 9-19-7 Photo
Bluman Steven 39 yrs 21-Apr-1924   N/A
Bock Gertrude, Mrs.   28-May-1959 20-19-5 Photo
Boczkaja Anthony   1924 5-14-7 Photo
Boczkaja John   29-Sep-1962 13-19-3 N/A
Boczkaja Katherine, Mrs.   21-Aug-1948 5-14-7 Photo
Boczkaja Lorraine J.   3-Mar-1982 16-20-8 Photo
Boczkaja Rose/Friania   2-Jan-1945 5-14-7 Photo
Boczkaja Rosie   14-Oct-1950 3-10-2 Photo
Boczkaja Walter   31-Oct-2000 16-20-8 Photo
Bodell Dennis St. Thomas 19-May-1942 5-19-4 Photo
Bodell Emma, Mrs. St. Thomas 25-Aug-1969 11-19-7 Photo
Bodell Roy David   4-Oct-2013 29-19-7 Photo
Bodell Thomas   30-Oct-1962 11-19-7 Photo
Bodell Yvonne   26-Sep-1960 29-19-7 Photo
Bodenberg Monument     3-15-4 Photo
Bodenberg Charles 70 yrs 19-May-1930 3-15-4 Photo
Bodenberg Charles E., Sr.   27-Oct-1951 3-15-4 Photo
Bodenberg Fanny (Mrs. Charles E. Sr.)   31-Jul-1981 3-15-4 Photo
Bodenberg Francis   1922   Photo 1 Photo 2
Bodenberg Mary   7-Aug-1909 2-16-12 Photo
Bodenberg Mary 61 yrs 24-Dec-1926 3-15-4 Photo
Bodenberg Patricia M. St. Francis 18-Oct-2000 St. John Neumann Walk  
Bodenberg Robert   1912 2-16-12 Photo
Bodenberg Robert   6-Jan-1997 St. John Neumann Walk  
Bodenberg Robert J.   21-Apr-1947 2-14-5 Photo
Bodenberg Rosemary St. Francis 5-Aug-1989 2-14-5 Photo
Bodenberg Zoe, Mrs.   29-Jul-1960 2-14-5 Photo
Bodnar Andrew Sacred Heart 20-Mar-1973 13-20-2 Phto
Bodnar Arthur J.   29-Dec-1992 346-22-8 Photo
Bodnar Barbara   29-Jun-1965 2-17-10 N/A
Bodnar Eugene A.   20-Apr-2015 Holy Trinity Walk  
Bodnar Irene Sacred Heart 27-Apr-1987 13-20-2 Photo
Bodnar Joseph Baby 3-Jul-1954 4-17-13 N/A
Bodnar Kenneth Albert   28-Jul-1950 211-3 Photo
Bodnar Louis   21-Apr-1941 18-8 Photo
Bodnar Louis   31-Oct-1953 2-17-10 Photo
Bodnovich Baby   30-Dec-1946 18-20-2 N/A
Bodnovich John J.   21-Jun-1969 18-20-2 Photo
Bodnovich Julia   16-Jul-1988 18-20-2 Photo
Boertman Lea A. Baby 27-Feb-1953 1-17-13 Photo
Boertman Lee St. Mary 28-Jan-2000 103-24-3 Photo
Boertman Loraine Elizabeth (Fortier) St. Mary 5-Jun-2012 103-24-3 Photo
Boertman Paul St. Michael 9-Feb-1970 23-20-3 Photo
Boes Deborah 14 yrs. St. Thomas 2-Sep-1981 14-21-1 N/A
Boet Frances (Riedel)   16-Jun-1975 1-7-6 N/A
Boet Peter J.   31-Mar-1944 1-7-6 N/A
Boettcher Mildred (Young)   1-Jul-2010 1-17-2 N/A
Boggan Florence M.   29-Sep-1921   N/A
Bogner Steph   25-May-1920   N/A
Boguszewicz Boleslaus   14-Aug-1936 1-15-9 Photo
Boguszewicz Frank   3-Sep-1947 2-15-9 Photo
Boguszewicz Mary   9-Nov-1935 1-15-9 Photo
Bohland Freda   20-Dec-1945 4-16-13 Photo
Bohland Mary Ann (Polany) St. Francis 29-Sep-2010 5-18-1 N/A
Bohland Peter   19-Sep-1959 4-16-13 Photo
Bohunicky Florence Sacred Heart 14-Mar-1970 4-18-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bohunicky Joseph J. Sr. St. Mary of the Woods 5-Dec-1980 3-20-1 Photo
Bohunicky Steve   5-Dec-1955 4-18-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bohunicky Victoria   13-Nov-1964 12-18-1 Photo
Boised Jos. L.   9-Mar-1917   N/A
Boisvert Daniel   17-Oct-1934 2-16-11 Photo
Boisvert Edward W.   21-Jan-1943 2-16-11 Photo
Boisvert Mary   22-Oct-1990 110-23-3 Photo 1 Photo 2
Boisvert Mary Greenwood   14-Oct-1947 2-16-11 Photo
Boisvert Shirley (Mrs. Thornton) St. Thomas 21-Apr-1979 9-20-5 Photo
Boisvert Thornton St. Thomas 14-Jun-1973 9-20-5 Photo
Boizhoya Anthony 36 yrs  (192-15-7) 28-Apr-1924 ? N/A
Boiziaja Paul   17-Feb-1920   N/A
Bolduc Anthony St. Joseph 14-Jan-1976 6-15-11 Photo
Bolduc Catherine Our Lady of Grace 11-Oct-2005 147-22-4 Photo
Bolduc Irene St. Joseph 20-Apr-1972 7-20-4 Photo
Bolduc Irene St. Mary 15-Mar-2007 Holy Trinity Walk  
Bolduc Joseph   21-Mar-1969 7-20-4 Photo
Bolduc Joseph   31-Oct-2006 Holy Trinity Walk  
Bolduc Lawrence St. Joseph 17-Jul-1991 147-22-4 Photo
Bolduc Richard Harold, Jr.   8-Aug-2008 306-23-8 Photo
Bolduc Robert St. Francis 25-Mar-1994 322-22-8 Photo
Bolduc Ruth St. Francis 26-Apr-1990 322-22-8 Photo
Bolduc Zephrin   29-Mar-1905 3-9-4 Photo
Bolema Mark D. Jr. St. Francis 5-May-1983 147-22-4 Photo
Bollenbacher Harold L. St. Mary - Spring Lake 12-Jul-1988 175-22-5 Photo
Bollenbacher Maree A (Maryee Alyce) St. Mary - Spring Lake 19-Aug-2005 175-22-5 Photo
Bolles Hedwig St. Joseph 20-Dec-1971 30-5 Photo
Boloka Adalbert 3 mos 25-May-1919   N/A
Bolskowitz Steve 74 yrs 17-Apr-1930   N/A
Boltze Earl A.   7-Jul-1950 150-2 Photo
Boltze Fred W. Sacred Heart 11-Nov-1977 195-21-5 Photo
Boltze Jennie Sacred Heart 1-Feb-1989 195-21-5 Photo
Boltze Margaret M.   27-Mar-1947 150-2 Photo
Boma Elizabeth 36 yrs 20-Aug-1919   N/A
Bomers Barbara E. LPN   9-Jan-20-15 5-20-4 N/A
Bond Danny   13-Dec-1955 16-18-8 Photo
Bonelli Maria   5-Oct-1946 4-12-6 Photo
Bonelli Michael   18-Nov-1940 4-3-2 Photo
Bonevelle Veronica St. Michael 13-Jan-1993 188-23-5 Photo
Bonnette Juliene   15-Mar-1921   N/A
Bonofiglio Julia 16 yrs - Husband Louis buried in Lansing. 3-May-1928 2-3-2 Photo
Bonrassa Rose Delma 2 yrsParents: John & Mary (Lanuras) 14-Dec-1897   N/A
Bonter Floyd Headstone, but no burial. 19-May-1993 1-15-4 Photo
Bonter Lenella, Mrs. St. Mary 25-Jun-1979 1-15-4 Photo
Boone Kenneth St. Francis 5-Nov-1987 200-22-5 Photo
Boone Leo   14-Dec-1932 2-17-3 Photo
Boone Mildred   1-Dec-1978 221-21-6 Photo
Boone Shirley Jean 2 yrs 10-May-1925 4-2-3 N/A
Boone Susan, Mrs.   12-May-1958 2-17-3 Photo
Boone Thomas M.   9-Feb-1996 165-22-5 Photo
Boone William G. Baby 23-Jan-1960 8-18-8 Photo
Boone Woodrow Moved from 2-19-5 on 3-May-1979 15-Dec-1966 221-21-6 Photo
Bordeau Baby Girl   5-Sep-1944 197-3 N/A
Bordeau Henry J.   3-Aug-1936 197-3 Photo
Bordeau Jos. Anth 1 hr 24-Dec-1924 2-2-2 N/A
Bordeau Raymond Baby 16-Nov-1933 197-3 N/A
Bordeaux A. B.   ? 2-1-1 N/A
Bordeaux Ferdiand 23 yrs 24-Apr-1930 2-1-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bordeaux Gerald 1 yrs 3-Sep-1927 3-2-1 Photo
Bordeaux John Baby 26-Oct-1942 4-1-5 N/A
Bordeaux Maude St. Mary 21-Sep-1994 120-21-3 Photo
Bordeaux Michael Father 1930 2-1-1 Photo
Bordeaux Michael Baby 30-Dec-1950 159-3 N/A
Bordeaux Phylis   13-Feb-1942 1-14-7 N/A
Bordeaux Sylvester C. St. Mary 21-Feb-1981 120-21-3 Photo
Borgeson Paul R.   16-Feb-1959 24-19-6 Photo
Borkowski Emily Barbara St. Michael 18-Aug-2011 150-23-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
Borkowski Grace St. Michael 9-Mar-1998 Holy Family Walk  
Borkowski John St. Joseph 15-Oct-1999 150-23-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
Boroski Caroline   24-Apr-1957 5-18-3 Photo
Bortoli Angeline Miss Our Lady of Grace 6-Jun-1981 1-20-7 Photo
Bortoli Anna, Mrs.   8-May-1956 4-18-8 Photo
Bortoli Joseph Our Lady of Grace 8-Jan-1975 4-18-8 Photo
Bosch John C. Baby 28-May-1953 1-17-13 Photo
Bosh Moskion Walter 29 yrs 5-Jul-1930 2-12-1 N/A
Bosits Angela J. Sacred Heart 10-Dec-2007 Holy Family Walk  
Bosits Lawrence   16-Dec-1958 24-19-6 Photo
Bosits Mary Sacred Heart 28-Oct-1999 24-19-6 Photo
Bossi Baby S.B. 5-Mar-1930   N/A
Bostrom Helge O.   3-Oct-1994 331-22-8 Photo
Bostrom  Helge O. Sr.   11-Apr-1996 331-22-8 Photo
Bothwell James   1912 4-5 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bouchard Monument     14-7 Photo
Bouchard Anna, Mrs.   1-Feb-1941 64-4 Photo
Bouchard Baby 3 mos, Father: Thomas 22-Dec-1903   N/A
Bouchard Child of Thomas Mother: Katherine (O'Brien) 6-Jul-1898   N/A
Bouchard Clyde J.   9-Oct-1942 65-4 Photo
Bouchard Jos. J.   17-Sep-1946 14-7 Photo
Bouchard Joseph   2-Jul-1931 64-4 Photo
Bouchard Jules   1907 14-7 Photo
Bouchard Julius R. 1 yrParents: Elzard & Annie (Lerivind) 26-Aug-1899   N/A
Bouchard Loretta Our Lady of Grace 22-Jan-2003 20-20-6 Photo
Bouchard Louis C.   23-Nov-1951 64-4 Photo
Bouchard Matilda   15-Mar-1955 14-7 Photo
Bouchard Oclelin (male) 5 mosParents: Thomas & Katie (O'Brien) 8-Mar-1900   N/A
Bouchard Ronald E.   12-Apr-1995 5-23-1 Photo
Bouchard Karen Therese Baby 18-Aug-1942 1-1-5 Photo
Bouchard Virginia 58 yrsParents: Cyprien & Virgine Dionne 27-Sep-1900 14-7 Photo
Bouchard William H. St. Mary 8-Apr-1970 20-20-6 Photo
Boucher Monument     1-13-1 Photo
Boucher Albert P.   10-Aug-1946 192-3 Photo
Boucher Alfred St. Joseph 29-Aug-1981 4-10-3 Photo
Boucher Alfred (Fred) 42 yrsParents: Beregman & Frazel (Garsselman) 3-May-1902 31-4 Photo
Boucher Alvin T. Sacred Heart 30-Jun-2005 246-21-6 Photo
Boucher Anna St. Jean 16-Jan-1933 1-15-5 N/A
Boucher Armand   6-Aug-2002 Holy Trinity Walk  
Boucher Arnold M.   10-Apr-2008 269-22-7 Photo
Boucher Arthur   8-Jul-1960 22-7 Photo
Boucher Arthur J.   23-Jan-1946 23-7 N/A
Boucher Benjamin 87 yrs 22-Apr-1903 23-7 N/A
Boucher Caroline 1 day 11-Nov-1925 4-15-5 N/A
Boucher Chat. N.   18-Jul-1918 17-4 N/A
Boucher Clarence 3 dys 4-Sep-1923 4-15-5 N/A
Boucher Clarence Adrian   11-Jun-1932 1-15-5 Photo
Boucher Dollard St. Jean 6-Sep-1973 4-19-7 Photo
Boucher Dolor A.   5-Nov-1968 27-20-7 Photo
Boucher Dolores Mary Sacred Heart 5-Jun-2009 246-21-6 Photo
Boucher Dora   16-Jan-1967 4-19-7 Photo
Boucher Edward   3-Jul-1942 1-13-1 Photo
Boucher Edward   5-Aug-1945 1-15-5 Photo
Boucher Ernest   ? 23-7 N/A
Boucher Henry 30 yrs 6-Sep-1926 1-15-5 N/A
Boucher Irene Blanche St. Joseph/St. Michael 24-Dec-2009 4-10-3 Photo
Boucher Joe 63 yrs 9-Mar-1923 1-15-5 N/A
Boucher Jos. Nick   3-May-1919 17-4 N/A
Boucher Joseph   9-Jan-1918   N/A
Boucher Joseph Moved from post 114. 4-Sep-1923 4-15-5 Photo
Boucher Joseph   6-Dec-1945 4-15-5 Photo
Boucher Josephine   16-Sep-1953 2-17-10 N/A
Boucher Kathryn   17-Feb-1955 22-7 N/A
Boucher Laurence 1 mo 19-Apr-1929 1-15-5 N/A
Boucher Libbie   11-Oct-1945 4-15-5 Photo
Boucher Marcel St. Jean 17-Jul-1996 269-22-7 Photo
Boucher Mary 2 yrsParents: Thomas & Kate (O'Brien) 14-Sep-1904   N/A
Boucher Mary, Mrs.   5-Feb-1935 23-7 N/A
Boucher Michael   29-Mar-1957 16-18-8 N/A
Boucher Philomene 60 yrs 13-Dec-1929 1-13-1 Photo
Boucher Raymond R.   29-Jun-1950 22-7 N/A
Boucher Richard St. Jean 30-Dec-1987 269-22-7 Photo
Boucher Ruby, Mrs.   31-Aug-1954 192-3 Photo
Bouchette Anna 35 yrs, Father: Tom Nomfelt 13-Sep-1905   N/A
Bouffard Adele H. St. Michael 7-Jan-1992 1-5-1 N/A
Bouffard Arthur J.   31-May-1950 1-5-1 Photo
Bouffard Caroline, Mrs.   14-Jul-1959 1-5-1 Photo
Bouffard Louis   7-Jul-1995 1-5-1 N/A
Bougie Baby   28-Aug-1944 1-16-8 N/A
Bouiswiez Child S.B. 13-Jun-1917   N/A
Bour Rosa 2 mosParents: Peter & Lizzie (Bratz) 13-Aug-1900   N/A
Bour Thomas Parents: Dorothy and Wilfred Baby 24-Mar-1947 21-8 Photo
Bourassa Monument     4-3-3 Photo
Bourassa Anna 26 yrs 7-Oct-1929 4-3-3 Photo
Bourassa Anna   2-May-1935 2-9-1 Photo
Bourassa Child S.B. 20-Jul-1919   N/A
Bourassa Edward   21-Mar-1962 4-3-3 Photo
Bourassa John   1916 4-3-3 Photo
Bourassa John   9-May-1967 4-3-3 Photo
Bourassa Julius Charles Baby 15-Jun-1943 1-14-7 Photo
Bourassa Julius   2-Nov-1950 4-3-3 N/A
Bourassa Mary   7-Oct-1918 4-3-3 Photo
Bourdeux Michael 54 yrs 20-Nov-1931 2-1-1 N/A
Bourdo Agnes 7 yrsParents: John & Ellen (Houle) 4-Dec-1904   N/A
Bourdo Francis St. Jean 22-Jun-1985 70-22-2 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bourdo Henry St. Jean 7-Apr-1971 14-19-6 Photo
Bourdo Hilda   26-May-1965 5-19-6 Photo
Bourdo Ione   15-Jul-1961 14-19-6 Photo
Bourdo Margaret St. Jean 18-Apr-1988 70-22-2 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bourdo Margaret Helen St. Jean 19-Feb-2008 59-23-2 Photo
Bourdo Omer   2-Dec-1918 3-5-3 Photo
Bourdo Omer St. Jean 1-Feb-1995 59-23-2 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bourdo Robert St. Jean 8-Jan-1971 6-19-6 Photo
Bourdon Monument     2-16-10 Photo
Bourdon Adrian St. Jean 27-Oct-1980 3-20-3 Photo
Bourdon Alexis 65 yrs 16-Apr-1921 3-5-3 N/A
Bourdon Alfred J. St. Jean 9-Aug-1971 2-16-10 Photo
Bourdon Carolyn J. Baby 30-Nov-1932 1-15-8 N/A
Bourdon Charline Anne   23-Aug-2006 97-22-3 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bourdon Child of Stanley Baby 16-Oct-1927 2-16-10 N/A
Bourdon David   3-Aug-1951 4-17-10 Photo
Bourdon Delia   17-Jun-1974 2-16-10 Photo
Bourdon Earl T.   22-Apr-1955 15-18-7 Photo
Bourdon Eleanor St. Jean 28-May-1985 15-18-3 Photo
Bourdon Ella St. Jean 19-Apr-1975 3-20-3 Photo
Bourdon Ellen (Mrs. John)   25-Jun-1920 2-16-10 Photo
Bourdon Ely   13-Nov-1872 4-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bourdon Frances, Mrs. St. Jean 2-Oct-1971 2-16-10 Photo
Bourdon Gladys St. Jean 23-Jan-1990 15-18-7 Photo
Bourdon Henrietta   15-Sep-1962 2-16-10 Photo
Bourdon Henry   16-Oct-1871 4-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bourdon Henry 47 yrs, Father: Alex 25-Jan-1899   N/A
Bourdon John   22-Aug-1942 2-16-10 Photo
Bourdon John R. Olivet Evangelical Free Church 9-Jun-2017 105-24-3 N/A
Bourdon Laurentia   8-Sep-1965 2-16-10 Photo
Bourdon Lavern St. Francis 4-May-1983 2-20-8 Photo
Bourdon Lillian Ann   1-May-2013 135-23-4 Photo
Bourdon Lucille A., Mrs.   18-Jul-1953 8-18-1 Photo
Bourdon Norman St. Jean 7-Oct-1972 2-16-10 Photo
Bourdon Pheby   30-Jun-1854 4-1 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bourdon Randall R. Baby 11-Nov-1944 1-14-7 N/A
Bourdon Richard   5-Jan-2006 334-23-8 Photo
Bourdon Richard N. (Dick)   17-Jan-2012 135-23-4 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bourdon Robert St. Jean 18-Nov-1978 93-21-3 Photo
Bourdon Rose Baby 22-Jun-1931 2-16-10 N/A
Bourdon Russell G.   7-Jul-1958 4-17-10 Photo
Bourdon Stanley St. Jean 17-Aug-1990 3-20-3 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bourdon Stanley, Sr.   4-Mar-1957 15-18-3 Photo
Bourdon Thelma St. Jean 25-Aug-1977 4-17-10 Photo
Bourdon Valzora St. Jean 3-Feb-1999 324-21-8 Photo
Bourdon-Savidge Carmen Elaine St. Mary 26-Apr-2011 16-20-6 Photo
Bourissau Francis (Frank Moses)   11-Jul-1977 2-14-7 Photo
Bourissau Inez (Mulready) St. Mary 18-Feb-2000 2-14-7 Photo
Bourret Josephine   5-Aug-1943 1-7-1 N/A
Bourret Matilla   14-Mar-1941 1-14-6 Photo
Bourret William, Sr.   31-May-1933 1-14-6 Photo
Boutell Sandra Sacred Heart 2-Nov-1974 17-20-7 Photo
Bowen Baby Girl Baby 26-May-1959 9-18-8 N/A
Bowen Clifford W. "Jiffy Cliffy" Death Date: 28-Oct-2014 5-Sept-2015 318-23-8 Photo
Bowen David L.   15-May-2015 7-20-6 Photo
Bowen Diane L. 15 yrs 16-Apr-1973 21-20-7 Photo
Bowen Donald Joseph St. Michael 20-Apr-2015 21-20-7 Photo
Bowen Donald J., Jr. Baby 3-Mar-1954 4-17-13 Photo
Bowen Fred St. Francis 29-Aug-1989 114-22-3 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bowen Ila M. St. Francis 5-Dec-1984 114-22-3 Photo 1 Photo 2
Bowen Josephine St. Michael 29-Nov-2001 21-20-7 Photo
Bowen Lois R. May   7-Jul-2017 318-23-8 Photo
Bowen Rachella Baby 3-Mar-1961 8-18-8 N/A
Bowen Robert Baby 6-Jan-1965 24-19-8 N/A
Bowne Geroge Richard St. Michael 8-Jun-2015 347-22-8 Photo
Bowne Pearl   26-Aug-1961 15-19-2 Photo
Bowne Raymond Joseph St. Francis 20-Jan-1979 15-19-2 Photo
Bowser Arby, Mr. Monroe, Mich. 10-Mar-1972 1-16-7 Photo
Bowser Harriett St. Mary 20-Mar-1982 1-16-7 Photo
Boyce Veda Marie   26-Aug-2016 16-18-2 Photo
Boyd Alydal   11-Nov-1946 104-2 Photo
Boyd Michael   5-Nov-1964 104-2 Photo
Boyle Ella, Mrs.   28-Sep-1963 1-14-4 Photo
Boyle Frank 40 yrs 21-Mar-1924 1-14-4 Photo
Boyle James Tho. 2 yrs 4-Sep-1924 1-14-4 Photo
Bozell Sarah   18-Jan-1993 16-20-5 Photo
Bozell Thomas   19-Oct-2001 174-22-5 Photo
Bozell William   18-Aug-1971 16-20-5 Photo
Bozik Ida Ellen (Idella) Sacred Heart 22-Nov-2013 Ascension Walk  
Bozik Paul E. Sr. Sacred Heart 3-Mar-2017 Ascension Walk  
Brace Floyd   22-Jul-1963 10-19-3 Photo
Brace Irvin   24-Jan-1942 221-3 Photo
Brace Joseph   2-Dec-1946 221-3 Photo
Brace Mary St. Mary 15-Dec-1984 221-3 Photo
Braciola Colomba, Mrs.   12-May-1971 11-19-4 Photo
Braciola Livio   6-Jun-1959 11-19-4 Photo
Bradbury Charles   12-Jul-2006 Ascension Walk  
Bradbury Margaret   10-Jun-1996 Ascension Walk  
Braddock William M. Baby 19-Dec-1952 1-17-13 N/A
Bradfield John David   16-Jun-2016 Holy Trinity Walk  
Bradley Monument     92-2 Photo
Bradley Donald J.   3-Feb-1955 3-18-7 Photo
Bradley Ella   28-Oct-1943 3-1-6 Photo
Bradley Isaac 75 yrs 13-Jul-1924 92-2 Photo
Bradley Mary, Mrs.   25-Jul-1949 92-2 Photo
Bradley Nathan 16 yrsParents: Isaac & Mary (Kratz) 20-Oct-1898 92-2 Photo
Bradley Unknown       Photo
Bradrick Corinne   30-Jul-1957 4-10-1 Photo
Bradshaw David Death Date: 26-Sep-2011 30-Mar-2012 Ascension Walk  
Bradshaw Marissa   18-Apr-2000 Ascension Walk  
Bradshaw Norman   26-Aug-2003 Ascension Walk  
Brady Ann 99 yrs. 21-Mar-1984 45-8 Photo
Brady Mary   1-Dec-1910 45-8 Photo
Bragdon Beulah   10-Dec-1994 Holy Trinity Walk  
Brainard Arthur D.   20-Feb-1950 24-5 Photo
Brainard Emma St. Mary 21-May-1971 24-5 Photo
Brainard Thomas   23-Mar-1976 7-20-6 Photo
Branch Boy Baby 14-Sep-1971 8-19-8 Photo
Brendana Gilbert J.   26-Dec-1939 1-14-7 Photo
Brandt Alvina A. St. Joseph 27-Feb-1985 61-5 N/A
Brandt Augusta, Mrs.   14-Aug-1935 61-5 N/A
Brandt Gerald   9-Jan-1941 173-3 Photo
Brandt Gerald St. Thomas 14-Mar-2000 300-21-8 Photo
Brandt Lillian St. Thomas 5-Apr-2004 300-21-8 Photo
Brannam Grace   18-Feb-1944 7-15-13 N/A
Bratya John   2-Mar-1917   N/A
Brault Timothy P. Jr. Baby 23-Nov-1979 1-19-8 N/A
Braun Robert   13-Nov-2003 A-16-9 Photo
Braune Bendick 80 yrs 9-Jul-1927 2-2-6 N/A
Braunschneider Rudolph St. Francis 26-Sep-1997 89-21-2 Photo
Braunschneider Virginia St. Francis 11-May-1981 89-21-2 Photo
Brawner Jessie E.  
1-4-5 Photo
Bray Edward St. Francis 20-Jul-1994 67-21-2 Photo
Bray Joanna St. Michael 5-Sep-1979 67-21-2 Photo
Brayton Ernest J.   10-Jul-1944 10-15-13 Photo
Brayton Janet   9-Feb-1966 10-15-13 Photo
Brazzale Jennie Louise 2 mos 6-May-1930 2-12-1 Photo
Brazzale Peter   11-Oct-1956 1-18-3 Photo
Bredenn Stephen 70 yrs 26-May-1917   N/A
Bredin Anna, Mrs.   20-Mar-1924 1-14-6 N/A
Bredin John 80 yrs 3-May-1923 1-14-6 N/A
Bredin Joyce Ellen St. Francis 6-Mar-2010 3-20-7 Photo
Breen Monument     3-16-5 Photo 1 Photo 2
Breen Dorothy St. Francis 11-Feb-1993 294-22-7 Photo
Breen Edward Our Lady of Grace 31-May-1977 8-20-5 Photo
Breen James   1915 3-16-5 Photo
Breen James Pat. 51 yrs 9-May-1927 3-16-5 N/A
Breen Mary   5-Dec-1983 8-20-5 Photo
Breen Mary Ellen St. Jean 22-Dec-1971 3-18-3 Photo
Breen Sophia   10-Dec-1926 3-16-5 Photo
Breen William St. Francis 24-Sep-1990 294-22-7 Photo
Breitfield Infant Girl Baby 22-May-1980 1-19-8 Photo
Bremer Agnes Death Date 22-Mar-2001 17-Aug-2004 343-23-8 Photo
Bremer Barbara Death Date 12-Jan-2001 17-Aug-2004 343-23-8 Photo
Bremer Marvin E.   17-Aug-2004 343-23-8 Photo
Brennan Monument     4-6 Photo
Brennan Aurelia   18-May-1998 12-20-7 Photo
Brennan Dennis   ? 4-6 Photo
Brennan Elizabeth   1906 32-1 Photo
Brennan Leonard Sacred Heart 2-Jul-1983 12-20-7 Photo
Brennan Mother   ? 4-6 Photo
Brennan Patrick   20-Jun-1918 4-6 Photo
Breono Monument     1-11-3 Photo
Breono George 87 yrs 5-Aug-1922 1-11-3 Photo
Breono Mary   1914 1-11-3 Photo
Bresnaham Johnnie   7-May-1880 53-1 Photo
Bresnaham Margaret   1910 53-1 N/A
Bresnaham Tim   1914 53-1 N/A
Breuninger Agnes   12-May-1955 63-5 Photo
Breuninger Florence C. St. Joseph 27-Feb-1979 63-5 Photo
Breuninger Gotlieb/Charles   23-May-1924 63-5 Photo
Breuninger Henry 50 yrs 27-May-1927 63-5 Photo
Breuninger Katherine 86 yrs 18-Dec-1929 63-5 Photo
Brice Francis   1914 29-8 Photo
Brice Marguerite   1897 29-8 Photo
Brich William   19-Dec-1962 20-19-8 Photo
Bricker James St. Francis 28-Dec-2002 179-24-5 Photo
Briggs Colleen   14-Aug-1989 279-22-7 Photo
Briggs David Baby 9-Dec-1944 4-17-3 Photo
Briggs Earl G.   1-Aug-1998 4-17-3 Photo
Briggs Edith   3-Jul-2006 4-17-3 Photo
Briggs Helen (Mrs. Percy)   5-Dec-1933 4-17-3 N/A
Briggs Lumina St. Jean 25-Nov-1996 3-8-3 Photo
Briggs Merrill James (Jim) St. Michael 1-Feb-2010 2-14-8 Photo
Briggs Percy   2-Dec-1932 4-17-3 Photo
Brigham Monument     4-5-4 Photo
Brigham J. C.   24-Jan-1929 4-5-4 N/A
Brill Leonard   27-Dec-1956 3-18-2 N/A
Brinen LeFevre Mausoleum     1-6-6 Photo
Brinen Bridget 59 yrsParents: John & Kate (Muny) Mahony 11-Jan-1905   N/A
Brinen Ella   15-Feb-1946 2-12-4 Photo
Brinen Howard Francis   6-Apr-1918 2-12-4 Photo
Brinen John